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I got to say here... Actually, I don't know what to say here. After seeing the latest episode, I thought to myself: "Have I seen this b...

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I'm speechless. I've seen a lot of booty animations before, but this one... it really wants me to download Baby Got Back. That's pretty...

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This is piqued my interest a while back, but I don't completely love it. I like it, but could use a little more detail. Don't get me wr...

True, True Friend by HazuraSinner

This is just... it's so... beautiful. I mean just looking at it just makes me wanna cry in joy. This has to be the best piece of artwor...



(sighs) Ladies and gentlemen, after doing some scrolling on Twitter, it appears that our worst fears have been confirmed: there may be no dub for Central Fiction.

...You may begin ranting now.
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"Come on... come on! Why won't you appear?"

Weiss grit her teeth for... well, she grit her teeth so much that she didn't bother keep track of how many times she did it. She was attempting to summon parts of the knight like she did during the assault on Beacon months ago in the comfort of her room. At the moment, she is able summon the arms and legs, but getting the knight itself to materialize is proving more difficult than she anticipated.

"If you keep straining yourself, you may blow a blood vessel."

Weiss turned around to see Winter leaning against the doorway.

"Well, I've come so close to doing it," Weiss sighed. "I just want to make sure that I am able to completely perfect it for when the time comes."

Winter sighed as she walked towards her younger sister. "Listen, as pleased as I am with you improving on your skills, I worry what will happen once Father finds out what you're doing."

Weiss scoffed. "I could care less about what he thinks. He brought me back home against my will." Her face grew sad. "And yet... I didn't bother to protest in fear of him scolding me."

Winter put her hand on top of her sister's head. A habit she had when they were little.

"Look, I know you want get better, but there's no sense in running yourself ragged," she said. "You need to pace yourself-"

"Winter," Weiss harshly cut off. "Beacon is gone. What was once a proud academy for aspiring hunters is now a nesting place for Grimm. Atlas has all the other kingdoms breathing down its proverbial neck for what happened to the machines. And if that wasn't bad enough, the CCT is disabled throughout Remnant." She turned to her sister with fierce determination. "I can't pace myself when the world is falling into shambles."

Winter was taken aback by her sister's response. "Well... I guess I can't change your mind about you over-exterting yourself. But I can show you this."

She brought out her scroll and showed Weiss a video. The young heiress' eyes widened at the sight: a Beowulf with white fur taking down Atlesian Knights with rapid succession.

"I'm sure this is a shock to you," Winter said. "We've never faced against a Grimm like this before."

"I'll say," Weiss replied. "I didn't even know there were Grimm have white fur."

"The color of fur is the not what makes this Grimm unusual."

Weiss turned to her sister, causing her to sigh.

"Alright, while I admit that a Grimm with white fur is indeed unusual, that's not the point I am trying to make. Take a closer look. Specifically where it's chest is."

Weiss did as she was told and looked at the chest area. What she saw shook her to the very core. On the Beowolf's chest was a young girl with blue markings all over her body. Even more shocking, the girl appeared to be chained to the creature. If Weiss's skin didn't pale more than it should, then it certainly did now.

"I don't... I can't... I don't even..."

"Yes, that was my response when I first saw this," Winter said. "If you're wondering how this was captured, a bystander was hiding behind a wall when the incident occured."

"What happened afterwards?" Weiss asked.

Winter pinched the bridge of her nose. "When we brought him in, he said that he accidently alerted the Beowolf, but instead of attacking him, it... it just disappeared."

Weiss's eyes widened. "Disappeared? Are Grimm even capable of doing that?"

"I'm not sure, but given the number of incidents lately, the possibility is out there." She walked towards the door and away from her sister. "Anyway, I've got to get going."

"What? Why?"

"There is a dangerous figure out there who plans to dig Atlas's grave further by controlling the Knights and Paladins and turning on the civilians. If that happens-"

"Please," Weiss interrupted. "I don't even want to imagine it."

Winter sighed. "Very well." She raised her hand toward the door handle, but for some reason, she pulled it back and walked towards Weiss again.

"What is it?"

Winter raised her hand towards her. "Give me your scroll for a minute."

"But why would-"

"I'll will explain later," she interrupted firmly. "Now give it here."

Weiss wanted to question her sister further, but the look she was given indicated that she had no time to waste. She handed Winter her scroll and the young woman pulled out an SD card. She inserted it into the scroll and handed it back to Weiss.

"What did you put in here?" she asked.

"Coordinates of the Beowolf's last known whereabouts," Winter answered. 

Weiss blinked and turned to her scroll. Her sister had the location of the strange on a small plastic card and she gave it to her without so much as a second thought. What angle was she playing at?

"You're wondering why I gave such sensitive information to you, aren't you?"

Weiss stammered, thinking that Winter had read her mind. 

"Well, I thought you were tired of being in a gilded cage for so long, so I decided to let you handle this... situation."

Weiss gaped at her sister's generosity. She was so shocked that she couldn't bring herself to shed tears of joy.

"I... I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything," Winter said firmly. "Just go. And be careful."

Weiss nods and rushes out of the room, nearly tripping on the way out.

"I can't help but feel this is going to bite me in the ass afterwards," Winter chuckled dryly.
RWBY: Nature's Wrath - Weiss Intro
And here we have Weiss' introduction. This was a really doozy to write... oh, on a lighter note, the inspiration for the white Beowulf and the girl comes from LongSean22, so go check him out. And LS, if you see this, I would like to thank you for showing us the Grimmwalker. I have something planned for her, so I hope you enjoy it. Peace, man.
Deception by phantomblade88
Lilac: Arancia? Mizuiro? What are you doing here?

Mizuiro: What do you think, idiot? To do what you're not doing right now.

Lilac: I told you, she's my responsibility. I'll handle it.

Arancia: Lilac, you should know by now that responsibility is not your strong suit.

Lilac: Well, I intend to change that. Starting right now.

Mizuiro: (scoffs) If you were really responsible, you would've killed Senko before we got here. Face it, bro, you've gotten soft.

Lilac: So what, you're gonna kill her instead?

Arancia: We're not only going to kill Senko... we're going to kill you as well.

Lilac: ...What?

For those of you who don't know, Arancia is Italian for orange and Mizuiro is Japanese for water color, or cyan.

(sighs) Ladies and gentlemen, after doing some scrolling on Twitter, it appears that our worst fears have been confirmed: there may be no dub for Central Fiction.

...You may begin ranting now.
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